Sweet Sixteen

I realized it this year, it has been a decade since I was 16 years old. Seriously, people aren’t joking when they say 16 is the best year of your life. I wouldn’t say it’s been my best or favorite year, but it was pretty damn good.

My birthday from the time that I turned 14 for many years was a great day, usually, but during those years, very sad, bad, odd things happened.

In Wisconsin my parents owned a townhouse. We lived on one half and my grandmother lived in the other. When she moved and passed, and family of 6 moved in next door. The parents were really nice and the kids were friendly, but they came with a lot of, I guess you could say baggage.

They lived next to us for a year or two before my mom and I moved. On my 15th birthday, right after we moved, we found out the he had a heart attack, and no one was home when it happened. He died on my birthday.

On my 17th birthday or neighbor, who was an alcoholic showed up and was puking up blood and big chunks of something, which if I didn’t know much about human anatomy, I would have thought was actually his liver. He had to be air lifted to the hospital from our driveway, on my birthday.

The year between those was my sweet sixteen. I had been thinking about that birthday for years. In Milwaukee I would have expected a car and dinner with my family. In Arkansas, I planned on going to the basketball game and then having my friends over for a slumber party.

That morning I woke up and got ready for school. Before I came out of my room I opened my blinds and saw a dead mole outside my window. It turned out that our cat left me a present…

I went to school and I was so excited for my slumber party. Right away in the morning one of my friends told me she couldn’t come to my party anymore, a few hours later, another dropped out, then another, and another and another. I ended up crying in the bathroom. My birthday was ruined 😦

I came home from school and when I got home, our cat looked like he was eating the mole under my window. We ran up to him to scare him, and saw that he had now also caught a flying squirrel for me. What was crazy was that our cat had no front or back claws and was the sweetest cat. How he caught a flying squirrel is beyond me! But it was like, my friends hate me and my cat is honoring me with dead rodents. This day is fantastic.

After dinner I told my mom I didn’t want to go to the basketball game anymore. She told me to stop being a drama queen and drove me back to school for the game. Derrick was supposed to give me a ride home, which made me REALLY excited, yet he was totally back on with Kara at the time, which sucked. So my night got even worse.

Most of my friends were in the band or on the basketball team so I had to wait for the girl’s game to be over before I could hang out with them. Kara and Kayla came out and watched the boys game with me. The band finished early and Kaci joined us. She told me that she was going to be able to come over afterall. I was so happy that at least one of my friends was coming!

As we were walking out, I lost Kara and Kayla in the crowd. The next thing I know, Kayla pops up from behind the concession stand with her stuff. I think there were more people, but I can’t remember. Kaci and Kayla were going to celebrate my birthday 🙂

My mom picked us up and when we got home, they all ran inside, leaving me there behind.

I walked through our dark garage and into the kitchen, and there was Derrick, Kara, Kayla, Kaci, and a bunch of other kids from school that were there for my birthday. It was awesome! I think Nathan and Roger were there too, but I can’t remember. All that matter was that my girlfriends were there, Derrick was there, and they all set this up to surprise me. My mom is awesome too. It was pretty awesome.

So, I was back in Milwaukee for my 18th birthday. I turned 19 in college with my hall mates.

I don’t remember my 20th birthday, I had some good party moments that year, so that might be why I don’t remember. What I do remember is that I found out Derrick got married on my birthday. Not only did he get married, but he married someone many years YOUNGER than me. It was gross. I cried. She had a baby a few months later. Then she had another. Very sad. He was a super smart guy and was going places, screwed up in college and I don’t know. I know he’s not doing much with his life now, considering he still lives on the same street as my mom.

I spent my 21st birthday with Kyle, my sister and my brother in law, and then exactly one month later I drove 7 hours from Eau Claire to Macomb to surprise my boyfriend of 3 months for his 21st birthday. Plus his roommate and I planned a big party. It was awesome!

But since then, birthdays have sucked.

I plan on changing that. My birthday is October 12, Kyle’s is November 12, our dog’s birthday is October 13, and Halloween falls in between all of those. I’m hoping to have big Halloween birthday parties in the future 🙂



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